We not a Clan We are The Knight Gaming Community thank you for visiting us. We will be posting more gaming news,event on this page.What we doing on xbox one try to Get people to join us. the Gamertag KNIGHT COBRA18 he is the owner of Knight Gaming Community. If you would like join us talk KNIGHT COBRA18 or talk to the GRAND MASTER on Xboxone or sign up on top of the page look for the link say. ( To Join The Knight Community) it will take a longer to sign up on the page. But it's the best to join. KNIGHT COBRA18 might NOT BE Xbox one. KNIGHT FANSCOTT will contact KNIGHT COBRA18 if can't contact KNIGHT COBRA18 I will contact GRAND MASTER. We will be here. More thing will be Coming soon check back everyday.


Game night are free to play with the KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY on Xbox one you will not have to sign up to play with us on Xbox one if you would sign up on go to top of the website an look for (JOIN THE KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY XBOX ONE) it free or talk to KNIGHT COBRA18 on Xbox One his Gamertag the time Greenwich Standard time 8:00pm

Saturday, February 27, 2016


#Gamers Tonight Game night is over now we had a lot of fun we wish more gamers could join us we played #ARKSURVIVALEVOLVED on Xbox one there was a lot games first time playing they did good on the Xbox one every Saturday is a game night make should you come play with us on Xbox one The KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY is voting for The next game to play next Saturday 3/5/16 the game for voting please pick one leave it in the comments 




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