We not a Clan We are The Knight Gaming Community thank you for visiting us. We will be posting more gaming news,event on this page.What we doing on xbox one try to Get people to join us. the Gamertag KNIGHT COBRA18 he is the owner of Knight Gaming Community. If you would like join us talk KNIGHT COBRA18 or talk to the GRAND MASTER on Xboxone or sign up on top of the page look for the link say. ( To Join The Knight Community) it will take a longer to sign up on the page. But it's the best to join. KNIGHT COBRA18 might NOT BE Xbox one. KNIGHT FANSCOTT will contact KNIGHT COBRA18 if can't contact KNIGHT COBRA18 I will contact GRAND MASTER. We will be here. More thing will be Coming soon check back everyday.


Game night are free to play with the KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY on Xbox one you will not have to sign up to play with us on Xbox one if you would sign up on go to top of the website an look for (JOIN THE KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY XBOX ONE) it free or talk to KNIGHT COBRA18 on Xbox One his Gamertag the time Greenwich Standard time 8:00pm

Sunday, January 31, 2016


We got new knights I Chrome72 I and SaignerLarmes07 in the Gaming Community welcome you two

Friday, January 29, 2016


What we did today with some of the KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY we was talking and play NEVERWINTER on Xbox one we was trying to make a Guild we had a lot of fun together come join us tomorrow 18 or older 

Gaming night change

We are going to play neverwinter wich is free to download and play at 8pm GMT saturday we are trying to make a guild

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Today it's was fun some of the KNIGHT show how to play Warframe on Xbox One now everyone is now in Warframe we are trying to get everyone in one game and we have Knight Gaming Community clan on Warframe to join you got be 18 or older sign up on this page up on top ( to join Knight Community )

Special News !!!!!!!!

Fanscott has just been promoted to COMMANDER Congratulations iu deserve it after helping with the community website


New news fellow KNIGHT MEMBER we have a new member KRYPTIKxxKNIGHT GT make him feel welcome

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Today we try to bring gamers to join the KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY on Xbox One. Now we play Warframe we have a KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY Clan on Warframe. We hope gamers to join us 


We have a new Knight that join the Gaming Community on XboxOne today the gamer GingerBoySwag97 his Gamertag 

Monday, January 25, 2016


Today on Xboxone We got new Knight Gaming Community members is xXSwaggerxProXx and DeluxeKnight832 join us We would like to say thank you from joining KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY 


Happy monday gamers we are doing a gaming session on saturday on the game EliteDangerous at 3:00PM we will tell you more information this week 

Sunday, January 24, 2016


The KNIGHT was playing minecraft on Xboxone we was talk about how get more people join in the KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY we try to ask gamers to join we was building a Minecraft server on XboxOne one day it will open to the public one day to help us build you will have to join us go to the top of page look for ( to Join the Knight Community ) or talk to ( KNIGHT COBRA18 ) THIS IS HIS Gamertag for XboxOne 


Gamers our KNIGHT GAMING COMMUNITY is doing a group session today on the XboxOne at 8pm tonight on Minecraft to join us talk to KNIGHT COBRA18 on XboxOne that his gamertag or sign up on top of this page look for ( to Join Knight Community ) we will get back to you soon as possible thank you